The Benefits of Edging Your Lawn

Fertilizing, mowing and edging your lawn can help your lawn look healthy and lush. You have to have the right power tools to give your lawn a professional look. If you want a quicker, easier way to get more out of your power tools to cultivate a clean, manicured appearance, Honda is here to help with the Honda VersAttach® Edger Attachment.

Benefits of Edging Your Lawn 

There are several benefits of edging your lawn.

• Gives your lawn a clean manicured appearance

• Adds value to a landscape with a minimal investment

• Enhances curb appeal

• Provides a root barrier to prevent invasive grasses from entering flower beds and gardens

Honda Versattach® Edger Attachment 

The Honda VersAttach® edger attachment is used to edge the grass along driveways, sidewalks, patios, the edge of flower beds and gardens. Edging gives lawns a clean manicured appearance while increasing the curb appeal. The edger attachment is interchangeable with any of the five other options from the Honda VersAttach® System: trimmer, pruner, hedge trimmer, cultivator and blower.  

Honda Warranty

The Honda VersAttach® has a 3 year warranty for residential use and a 2 year warranty for commercial use for new Honda VersAttach® attachments purchased at an authorized Honda Power Equipment dealer.

Honda wants to help you get the best results from your new VersAttach® system. Check out the Honda Owner’s Manual before operating the VersAttach® power heads and attachments, for the first time. The Honda Owner’s Manual includes safety instructions, a check list before operating the VersAttach® system, maintenance schedule, parts, storage tips and warranty information. Honda Power Equipment also has videos for the VersAttach® Edger Attachment Operation.

Storm Lawn and Garden, LLC, 210 Lakeview Dr Grand Prairie, TX 75051-4914, (972) 262-4900 is here to answer your questions about the VersAttach® Edger Attachment, servicing and maintenance.